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Latest News

    • October 2017

    New model MonCvONE-CR

    Metrovision is pleased to announce its new model of visual field perimeter, MonCvONE-CR. This concentrate of innovative technology is addressing clinical research centers and is already used by internationaly renowned centers such as the National Eye Institute in USA, the University of Sydney, the University of Nantes ...

    MonCvONE-CR is the only visual field perimeter allowing the evaluation of diurnal vision (photopic) as well as nocturnal (scotopic) and crepuscular (mesopic).

    Numerous recent studies show that the evaluation of crepuscular vision can be of particular interest for the early detection of pathologies of the retina..

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    • DECEMBER 2016

    Vision Monitor MonPackONE used in study on cannabis

    A study performed by the Psychotherapy research group of Nancy University Medical Center demonstrates a delay in pattern ERG responses in regular cannabis users. These findings "may be important from a public health perspective since they could highlight the neurotoxic effects of cannabis use on the central nervous system as a result of how it affects retinal processing." This study was performed on the Vision Monitor MonpackONE system and published in JAMA Ophthalmology.

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    • APRIL 2015

    Asia second market for Metrovision

    with more than one hundred systems installed in China, Korea, India, Indonasia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaisia, Metrovision continues its development in Asia.