The new generation
of multifunction visual field perimeters


Can your perimeter perform true Goldmann perimetry?


Can your perimeter avoid lens rim artifacts?


Can your perimeter document ptosis?


Can your perimeter test binocular fields?


Can your perimeter test infants?


Can your perimeter test mesopic visual field?


Can your perimeter perform pupillometry, dark adaptometry?

MonCvONE Overview

  • Can your perimeter to this?

    The MonCvONE line of perimeters is the most advanced line of visual field devices in the world.
    The multifunctionality of the MonCvONE allows clinicians and researchers to utilize a multitude of tests on one platform.
    This is economical and space saving. It is also more convenient for a patient.

    The MonCvONE comes in three configurations:
    • MonCvONE-SAP for Standard Automated Perimetry
    • MonCvONE-PRO for SAP plus Goldmann manual perimetry and video imaging
    • MonCvONE-CR for advanced Clinical Research.

    These perimeters are made to demanding quality standards by expert technicians in Lille, France.

    And that is why we say that “Every Year is a Vintage Year at Metrovision”.

    Additional information:

    Click here for the MonCvONE brochure Information Request

    See the table below to understand the capabilities of the three MonCvONEs.

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